We're working on creating several tutorials to aid in cosplay, which you'll find here soon!

Tutorials we're working on:

Screenprinting basics, including how to build your own screens, printing area, and printing
Sewing basics, including different seam finishes and functions infrequently used on sewing machines
Prop weathering, and basic construction

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  1. Hey there! You guys seem interesting c: I'm brand-new to Blogger, so I can't figure out how to add you to my Reading list, but when I do figure it out, I will! Love your name and logo, BTW!

    A screenprinting tutorial would be awesome, especially if you cover what materials it works for. It's something I've always admired but never attempted... I'm too cowardly to try it out without a sure-fire "this technique will work on my ___" from someone who knows what they're doing >.<

    Are you on the West Coast? I forget where DragonCon is...