Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next Stop: Dragon*Con!

So I am extremely excited about Dragon*Con this year! I was so sad I had to miss it last year, but this year seems like It will be extra awesome, mainly because Patrick Stewart is going to be there! I LOVE

So Katie and I are DEFINITELY planning on wearing our weeping angel costumes. We had a blast last year getting photos with the other Whovians, and we even made some friends in the process. This year before the con starts we are hoping to get a photoshoot done at a old house or garden with some con friends. They are planning on dressing as Sally Sparrow and Kathy Nightingale which would be perfect with our weeping angels.

We will probably wear our Adventure Time costumes too. They turned out great and despite the fact that we have to spend hours putting on makeup, they were really quite fun to wear. I love how bright they are!

I am not sure right now if we will have the time or money to make new costumes to wear at Dragon*Con. We have a few ideas that we are considering.

So I am sure most of the con we will be running around in costume. I hope to go to more panels this year, especially since Patrick Stewart is going to be there! We are also planning on walking in the parade with Doctor Who again. Hope to see you there!

~ Katrina

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